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Authors: Eligehausen, Rolf
Vintzéleou, Elizabeth
Title: Behaviour of metallic anchors under generalized excitations
Issue Date: 1989 Konferenzbeitrag Proceedings / Ninth World Conference on Earthquake Engineering. Vol. 7. Tokyo : 9WCEE Org. Committee, 1989. - ISBN 4-89580-010-5, S. 505-510
Abstract: In this paper are briefly presented the results of an experimental program which was carried out with the aim to investigate the behaviour of several types of metallic anchors (undercut, expansion and chemical anchors) under both monotonic and cyclic shear actions. Several parameters were investigated within the program, namely: the presence of cracks crossing the anchor, the distance of the anchor from the free edges of the concrete section, the presence of transverse reinforcement, the loading history, etc. The influence of these parameters on the mechanical characteristics of anchors is illustrated in this paper, while empirical formulae for the calculation of the maximum shear force vhich may be transferred by metallic anchors are given.
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