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Authors: Eligehausen, Rolf
Sawade, Gottfried
Title: A fracture mechanics based description of the pull-out behavior of headed studs embedded in concrete
Issue Date: 1989 Buchbeitrag Elfgren, Lennart (Hrsg.): Fracture mechanics of concrete structures. London : Chapman and Hall, 1989. - ISBN 0-412-30680-8, S. 281-299
Abstract: According to the experiments the behavior of headed studs embedded in a large concrete block and loaded in tension with the support reactions relatively far away from the anchor is controlled by stable growth of the circumferential failure crack up to maximum load. Just before reaching maximum load the area of cracked concrete is only some 25% to 30% of the whole surface of the fracture cone, which is mainly formed in the descending part of the large embedment depth loaddisplacement curve the load transferred in the cracked area is relatively small compared to the total load.
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