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Authors: Wunderlich, Hans-Joachim
Title: The design of random-testable sequential circuits
Issue Date: 1989 Konferenzbeitrag Digest of papers / FTCS 19. Washington, DC : IEEE Computer Soc. Pr., 1989. - ISBN 0-8186-1959-7, S. 110-117. URL 10.1109/FTCS.1989.105552
Abstract: A method is described for selecting a minimal set of directly accessible flip-flops. Since this problem turns out to be NP-complete, suboptimal solutions can be derived using some heuristics. An algorithm is presented to compute the corresponding weights of the patterns, which are time-dependent in some cases. The entire approach is validated with the help of examples. Only 10-40% of the flip-flops have to be integrated into a partial scan path or into a built-in self-test register to obtain nearly complete fault coverage by weighted random patterns.
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