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Authors: Ertl, Thomas
Geyer, Florian
Herold, Heinz
Kraus, Ute
Niemeier, Roland
Nollert, Hans-Peter
Rebetzky, Andreas
Ruder, Hanns
Zeller, Gudrun
Title: Visualization in astrophysics
Issue Date: 1989 Konferenzbeitrag Eurographics (1989). Amsterdam : North-Holland Publ. Co., 1989. - ISBN 0-444-88013-5, S. 149-158
Abstract: This paper reports on progress we have made in modelling cosmic X·ray sources on supercomputers. The results we present are meant to serve as an example for the fact that sophisticated visualization techniques play a crucial role in scientific computing. Among the graphical methods we demonstrate, raytracing in curved space-time and a physically motivated 3D-volume rendering algorithm might be of interest to the graphics community in general.
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