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Authors: Holle, Armin
Wiebusch, Gerd
Main, Jörg
Welge, Karl H.
Zeller, Gudrun
Wunner, Günter
Ertl, Thomas
Ruder, Hanns
Title: Hydrogenic Rydberg atoms in strong magnetic fields: theoretical and experimental spectra in the transition region from regularity to irregularity
Issue Date: 1987 Zeitschriftenartikel Zeitschrift für Physik, D 5 (1987), S. 279-285. URL
Abstract: For deuterium Rydberg atoms in a magnetic field of sim6~T we compare the complete experimental spectrum in the range -190 cm-1 to -20 cm-1 with the positions and oscillator strengths of the corresponding quantum theoretically calculated photoabsorption lines. The agreement is excellent. The range of energy covered extends from the end of thel-mixing regime up to the regions where the approximate integrability of the problem is completely lost, and the corresponding classical system undergoes a transition to chaos.
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