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Authors: Schlipf, David
Rettenmeier, Andreas
Haizmann, Florian
Hofsäß, Martin
Courtney, Mike
Cheng, Po Wen
Title: Model based wind vector field reconstruction from lidar data
Issue Date: 2012 Konferenzbeitrag Proceedings of the 11th German Wind Energy Conference DEWEK 2012, 7th-8th November 2012 in Bremen, Germany
Abstract: In recent years lidar technology found its way into wind energy for resource assessment and control. For both fields of application it is crucial to reconstruct the wind field from the limited information provided by a lidar system. For lidar assisted wind turbine control model based wind field reconstruction is used to obtain signals from wind characteristics such as wind speed, direction and shears in a high temporal resolution. This work shows how these methods can be used for lidar based wind resource assessment in complex situations, where high accuracy is important, but cannot be archived by conventional technique. The reconstruction is validated for ground based lidar systems with measurement data and for floating lidar systems with detailed simulations.
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