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dc.contributor.authorVoß, Alfredde
dc.description.abstractThis paper now describes a model approach mainly based on the Input-Output-Technique to evaluate the overall requirements of different energy policies in terms of output of different economy sectors, capital, manpower and material. The model is designed to help answer the following questions: - What are and how different are the overall requirements of various energy strategies? - What are the overall impacts of investment needs of different energy technologies or energy programs on the output of different branches of the economy? - How will the operational requirements of different energy technologies and energy programs influence the structure of the economy? - What overall (direct and indirect) capital, manpower, and materials are going to be needed and when?en
dc.subject.classificationEnergiepolitik , Modellierungde
dc.titleA model approach for evaluating the impact on the economy of different energy strategiesen
ubs.fakultaetFakultätsübergreifend / Sonstige Einrichtungde
ubs.institutSonstige Einrichtungde
ubs.publikation.sourceTechnologieeinsatz und wirtschaftlicher Strukturwandel als Problem für die Input-Output-Analyse. Köln : ASA, 1976, S. 22-37de
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