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Authors: Hoffmann, Franz
Kull, Ulrich
Title: Effects of abscisic acid on photosynthesis of protoplasts from Petunia hybrida
Issue Date: 1974 Zeitschriftenartikel Experientia 30 (1974), S. 746-747. URL
Abstract: Protoplasts from plants are suitable experimental objects for investigations in which substances are taken up by cells, since chemicals can reach the cell surface directly. Therefore, it is convenient to use them for experiments concerned with effects of phytohormones on metabolism. So far, some work on the application of auxins 1-3 has been described, and recently we have made some investigations on the influence of zeatin on photosynthesis and respiration of isolated mesophyll protoplasts from Petunia.
Inkubation mit Abscisinsäure verursacht bei Mesophyll-Protoplasten von Petunia hybrida einen Anstieg der Photosyntheserate.
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