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Authors: Swaton, Elisabeth
Renn, Ortwin
Title: Attitudes towards nuclear power: a comparison between three nations
Issue Date: 1984 Arbeitspapier
URI: Laxenburg : International Inst. for Applied Systems Analysis, 1984 (IIASA Working Paper WP-84-011)<br>URL
Abstract: The attitudes toward the use of nuclear energy of three student samples of roughly equal size (N=150) from FR Germany, Japan and the Philippines were elicited and compared by means of a questionnaire. Concerning their overall attitudinal positions the Japanese students were predominantly in favour of nuclear energy, the German students were less unanimous while the Philippine students showed the most anti-nuclear resentment. These positions were equally influenced by considerations about benefits and risks; whereas the awareness of risks associated to the use of nuclear energy seems to prevail in all three samples, favourable or unfavourable attitudes are predominantly based on the acceptance or denial of perceived benefits. However, agreement about particular risks or benefits was found to be much stronger within each national level than among proponents and opponents of nuclear energy of the combined sample. In addition, the relevance of the issues presented in the questionnaire for the debate about nuclear energy was demonstrated.
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