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Autor(en): Kahlert, Daniela
Unyi-Reicherz, Annelie
Stratton, Gareth
Meinert Larsen, Thomas
Fogelholm, Mikael
Raben, Anne
Schlicht, Wolfgang
Titel: PREVIEW behavior modification intervention toolbox (PREMIT): a study protocol for a psychological element of a multicenter project
Erscheinungsdatum: 2016
Dokumentart: Zeitschriftenartikel
Seiten: 10
Erschienen in: Frontiers in psychology 7 (2016), article 1136
ISSN: 1664-1078
Bemerkungen: This Document is protected by copyright and was first published by Frontiers. All rights reserved. It is reproduced with permission.
Zusammenfassung: Background: Losing excess body weight and preventing weight regain by changing lifestyle is a challenging but promising task to prevent the incidence of type-2 diabetes. To be successful, it is necessary to use evidence-based and theory-driven interventions, which also contribute to the science of behavior modification by providing a deeper understanding of successful intervention components. Objective: To develop a physical activity and dietary behavior modification intervention toolbox (PREMIT) that fulfills current requirements of being theory-driven and evidence-based, comprehensively described and feasible to evaluate. PREMIT is part of an intervention trial, which aims to prevent the onset of type-2 diabetes in pre-diabetics in eight clinical centers across the world by guiding them in changing their physical activity and dietary behavior through a group counseling approach. Methods: The program development took five progressive steps, in line with the Public Health Action Cycle: (1) Summing-up the intervention goal(s), target group and the setting, (2) uncovering the generative psychological mechanisms, (3) identifying behavior change techniques and tools, (4) preparing for evaluation and (5) implementing the intervention and assuring quality. Results: PREMIT is based on a trans-theoretical approach referring to valid behavior modification theories, models and approaches. A major “product” of PREMIT is a matrix, constructed for use by onsite-instructors. The matrix includes objectives, tasks and activities ordered by periods. PREMIT is constructed to help instructors guide participants' behavior change. To ensure high fidelity and adherence of program-implementation across the eight intervention centers standardized operational procedures were defined and “train-the-trainer” workshops were held. In summary PREMIT is a theory-driven, evidence-based program carefully developed to change physical activity and dietary behaviors in pre-diabetic people.
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