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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Skillful and strategic navigation in soccer : a motor-cognitive dual-task approach for the evaluation of a dribbling task under different cognitive load conditionsKlotzbier, Thomas J.; Schott, Nadja
2024Editorial - professional and vocational identity developmentWuttke, Eveline; Heinrichs, Karin; Hillen, Stefanie A.; Kögler, Kristina
2024Mental rotation abilities of gymnasts and soccer players : a comparison of egocentric and object-based transformations : an exploratory and preliminary studyKlotzbier, Thomas Jürgen; Schott, Nadja
2024CIEMER in action : from development to application of a co-creative, interdisciplinary exergame design process in XRRetz, Celina; Klotzbier, Thomas Jürgen; Ghellal, Sabiha; Schott, Nadja
2023Workload-dependent hemispheric asymmetries during the emotion-cognition interaction : a close-to-naturalistic fNIRS studyLingelbach, Katharina; Gado, Sabrina; Wirzberger, Maria; Vukelić, Mathias
2023Understanding factors that influence physical activity behavior in people with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) : a mixed-methods convergent integrated systematic reviewPurcell, Catherine; Schott, Nadja; Rapos, Victoria; Zwicker, Jill G.; Wilmut, Kate
2024How training quality, trainer competence, and satisfaction with training affect vocational identification of apprentices in vocational education programsWuttke, Eveline; Heinrichs, Karin; Koegler, Kristina; Just, Andreas
2024BeeLife : a mobile application to foster environmental awareness in classroom settingsStock, Adrian; Stock, Oliver; Mönch, Julia; Suren, Markus; Koch, Nadine Nicole; Rey, Günter Daniel; Wirzberger, Maria
2023Improving the effectiveness of personalized recommendations through attributional cuesWeidig, Jakob; Kuehnl, Christina
2023How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect the personal lives and care realities of people with a schizophrenia spectrum disorder? : a qualitative interview studyKaltenboeck, Alexander; Portela Millinger, Filipe; Stadtmann, Sarah; Schmid, Christine; Amering, Michaela; Vogl, Susanne; Fellinger, Matthäus
2020Evaluation of an immersive virtual learning environment for operator training in mechanical and plant engineering using video analysisPletz, Carolin; Zinn, Bernd
2020Managing dilemmas of resource mobilization through jugaad : a multi‐method study of social enterprises in Indian healthcareAgarwal, Nivedita; Chakrabarti, Ronika; Prabhu, Jaideep C.; Brem, Alexander
2020A managerial operationalization of antifragility and its consequences in supply chainsGrößler, Andreas
2021Responding to policy signals? : an experimental study on information about policy adoption and data retention policy support in GermanyTrüdinger, Eva‐Maria; Hildebrandt, Achim; Jäckle, Sebastian; Löser, Jonas
2024Die Konkretisierung, Operationalisierung und Messung Dynamischer Fähigkeiten in einem hochkompetitiven Wettbewerbsumfeld : eine empirische Studie am Beispiel der Formel 1Dürr, Tobias
2022Heritage speakers as part of the native language continuumWiese, Heike; Alexiadou, Artemis; Allen, Shanley; Bunk, Oliver; Gagarina, Natalia; Iefremenko, Kateryna; Martynova, Maria; Pashkova, Tatiana; Rizou, Vicky; Schroeder, Christoph; Shadrova, Anna; Szucsich, Luka; Tracy, Rosemarie; Tsehaye, Wintai; Zerbian, Sabine; Zuban, Yulia
2022Reduced vastus medialis/lateralis EMG ratio in volleyballers with chronic knee pain on sports-specific surfaces : a pilot studyFrese, Christina; Bubeck, Dieter; Alt, Wilfried
2022Profiles of motor-cognitive interference in Parkinson’s disease : the Trail-Walking Test to discriminate between motor phenotypesKlotzbier, Thomas J.; Schott, Nadja; Almeida, Quincy J.
2022Making the most of failure and uncertainty : welcome surprises and contingency in energy transition researchGross, Matthias; Sonnberger, Marco
2022Holistic quality model and assessment : supporting decision-making towards sustainable construction using the design and production of graded concrete components as an exampleFrost, Deniz; Gericke, Oliver; Di Bari, Roberta; Balangé, Laura; Zhang, Li; Blagojevic, Boris; Nigl, David; Haag, Phillip; Blandini, Lucio; Jünger, Hans Christian; Kropp, Cordula; Leistner, Philip; Sawodny, Oliver; Schwieger, Volker; Sobek, Werner
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 483