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Authors: Tenbohlen, Stefan
Jovalekic, Mark
Bates, Lisa
Szewczyk, Radoslaw
Title: Water saturation limits and moisture equilibrium curves of alternative insulation systems
Issue Date: 2011 Konferenzbeitrag CIGRE SC A2 & D1 Joint Colloquium (2011, Kyoto) 7
Abstract: A method developed for establishing moisture equilibrium curves for any combination of liquid and solid insulation is presented in this paper. Moisture saturation curves for natural and synthetic esters have been presented in the temperature range up to 140°C together with curve for mineral oil as a reference. Sorption isotherms have been established for cellulose based and aramid fiber based materials. Eventually, the moisture equilibrium diagrams have been created for given combinations of solids and liquids. Moisture equilibrium curves have been created for combinations of mineral oil and ester fluids with aramid fiber based papers and boards, as they are commonly used in alternative insulation systems. The new curves give information on moisture distribution within the alternative insulation systems and may be critical for setting the material choices, design rules and maintenance guidelines for equipment using these combinations. Only then the materials could be used optimally and their specific characteristics could bring full range of benefits to the equipment. Also the condition monitoring and diagnostics for the purpose of asset management will be more reliable when these new characteristics are used. It has been observed that insulation components made of aramid insulation may have lower water content comparing to cellulose based conventional materials at the same water content measured in dielectric liquid. As a result, the performance of aramid insulation components may be less sensitive to moisture in oil (aging processes, dielectric strength, partial discharge performance) comparing to conventional systems based on cellulose.
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