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Autor(en): Simon, Patrick
Titel: Investigation of geodesic acoustic mode flow oscillations using Doppler reflectometry in ASDEX Upgrade
Erscheinungsdatum: 2017
Dokumentart: Dissertation
Seiten: 162
Zusammenfassung: Magnetic confinement fusion is a promising candidate for a future energy source. Its efficiency is limited by particle and heat transport due to plasma turbulence. A thorough understanding of the turbulence and turbulence moderation mechanisms, is therefore needed. The geodesic acoustic mode (GAM) is a radially localised plasma flow oscillation which contributes to the reduction of turbulent transport through velocity shearing. This thesis investigates the fundamental behaviour of the GAM through a systematic experimental study of its properties in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak. In particular, the role of the plasma geometry on the scaling of the GAM frequency and amplitude, as well as the GAM radial structure are investigated in detail. The experimental data was obtained with the aid of the microwave Doppler reflectometry diagnostic. The GAM frequency scaling is compared with multiple models which reproduce the expected fundamental scaling behaviour, but do not give a satisfyingly accurate prediction. The GAM amplitude is studied in connection with damping rates predicted by models for collisional and collisionless Landau damping processes. It is found that finite orbit width effects need to be considered and that collisional damping effects cannot be neglected. In studying the GAM radial structure, three distinct states are identified for different plasma conditions. Transitions between these states are observed under variations of the plasma geometry.
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