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Authors: Yin, Xinghui
Title: Functional complex plasmonics : understanding and realizing chiral and active plasmonic systems
Issue Date: 2016 Dissertation xxvii, 191
Abstract: The present thesis concerns itself with the theoretical study and experimental realization of complex plasmonic systems for highly integrated nanophotonic devices and enhanced chiroptical spectroscopy. In particular, the two broad topics of active metasurfaces and chiral plasmonic systems are investigated to this end. In this context, the chalcogenide phase change material GeSbTe is utilized to demonstrate, for the first time, metasurface based beam steering and varifocal lensing devices. The versatility of this approach to lending active functionality to plasmonic systems is further evidenced through our realization of a chiral plasmonic system that both exhibits a wavelength tunable and handedness switchable chiroptical response. Furthermore, in order to enable a systematic study of plasmon- enhanced chiroptical spectroscopy, we rst establish and analyze canonical chiral plasmonic building blocks, in particular, the loop wire and chiral dimer structure. The results from this undertaking lead to fundamental insights for understanding complex chiral plas- monic systems. Finally, we implement chiral media in the commercial electromagnetic full- field solver Comsol Multiphysics to carry out rigorous numerical studies of the macroscopic electrodynamic processes involved in plasmon-enhanced circular dichroism spectroscopy revealing both substantial enhancement due to near-field effects as well as upper boundaries to the magnitude of such enhancements.
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