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Authors: Zielke, Viktor
Title: Design and implementation of next-best-view algorithms for automatic robotic-based (dis)assembly tasks
Other Titles: Entwurf und Implementierung von Next-Best-View Algorithmen für die robotergestützte Automatisierung von (De-)Montageaufgaben
Issue Date: 2016 Abschlussarbeit (Diplom) 73
Abstract: Robots tasked with the autonomous interaction of objects, such as assembly and disassembly tasks, in a dynamic environment require the ability to explore their environment and detect objects for interactions. State-of-the-art methods exist which can handle these tasks separately. This work describes a method for combining both tasks and therefor reduce the amount of costly operations like motion and sensing. A next-best-view system is developed which incrementally builds a map of the environment and enables the selection of view poses for an eye-in-hand robot system. The system and the performance of the selected view poses is evaluated on a robotic system. The evaluations showed that the method selected view poses which explored the environment and detected objects.
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