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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Basic regulatory principles of Escherichia coli's electron transport chain for varying oxygen conditionsHenkel, Sebastian; Beek, Alexander ter; Steinsiek, Sonja; Stagge, Stefan; Bettenbrock, Katja; Teixeira de Mattos, M. Joost; Sauter, Thomas; Sawodny, Oliver; Ederer, Michael
2014A mathematical model of metabolism and regulation provides a systems-level view of how Escherichia coli responds to oxygenEderer, Michael; Steinsiek, Sonja; Stagge, Stefan; Rolfe, Matthew D.; Beek, Alexander tek; Knies, David; Teixeira de Mattos, M. Joost; Sauter, Thomas; Green, Jeffrey; Poole, Robert K.; Bettenbrock, Katja; Sawodny, Oliver
2012Model-based analysis of an adaptive evolution experiment with Escherichia coli in a pyruvate limited continuous culture with glycerolFeuer, Ronny; Gottlieb, Katrin; Viertel, Gero; Klotz, Johannes; Schober, Steffen; Bossert, Martin; Sawodny, Oliver; Sprenger, Georg; Ederer, Michael
2016Model-based characterization of inflammatory gene expression patterns of activated macrophagesRex, Julia; Albrecht, Ute; Ehlting, Christian; Thomas, Maria; Zanger, Ulrich M.; Sawodny, Oliver; Häussinger, Dieter; Ederer, Michael; Feuer, Ronny; Bode, Johannes G.
2011Modeling time delay in the NFκB signaling pathway following low dose IL-1 stimulationWitt, Johannes; Barisic, Sandra; Sawodny, Oliver; Ederer, Michael; Kulms, Dagmar; Sauter, Thomas
2013A rapid method for the extraction and analysis of carotenoids and other hydrophobic substances suitable for systems biology studies with photosynthetic bacteriaBóna-Lovász, Judit; Bóna, Aron; Ederer, Michael; Sawodny, Oliver; Ghosh, Robin
2011A systems biology approach to analyse leaf carbohydrate metabolism in Arabidopsis thalianaHenkel, Sebastian; Nägele, Thomas; Hörmiller, Imke; Sauter, Thomas; Sawodny, Oliver; Ederer, Michael; Heyer, Arnd G.
2010Thermokinetic modeling and model reduction of reaction networksEderer, Michael