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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20123D visualization of multivariate dataSanftmann, Harald
2015Ein adaptierbares Rahmenwerk für die Annotation von Skalar- und VektorfelddatenThull, Marian
2023Advanced timber construction industry : a quantitative review of 646 global design and construction stakeholdersOrozco, Luis; Svatoš-Ražnjević, Hana; Wagner, Hans Jakob; Abdelaal, Moataz; Amtsberg, Felix; Weiskopf, Daniel; Menges, Achim
2013Advanced visualization techniques for flow simulations : from higher-order polynomial data to time-dependent topologyÜffinger, Markus
2023Affective SonificationCaycedo, Nicolas
2020Analyzing music instrument playing history via an interactive visual diaryDzamashvili, Anastasia
2022Animated scatter plot transitionsBrandt, Vincent
2018Animated surfaces in physically-based simulationHuber, Markus
2021Augmented reality drum kit feedback visualizationLammert, Jonas
2021Augmented visualization guidance for wire placement in timber fabricationZhu, Marco
2016Code execution reports: visually augmented summaries of executed source code fragmentsSiddiqui, Hafiz Ammar
2022Comparative visualization across physical and parameter spaceZeyfang, Adrian
2021Computational methods for SPH-based fluid animationReinhardt, Stefan
2014Computational visualization of scalar fieldsAment, Marco
2023Datamator : an authoring tool for creating datamations via data query decompositionGuo, Yi; Cao, Nan; Cai, Ligan; Wu, Yanqiu; Weiskopf, Daniel; Shi, Danqing; Chen, Qing
2021Deep learning for scatterplot similarityMaalouly, Jad
2020Deep visualization for MR-based biological age estimationSalian, Shashank Ramesh
2022Designing the next smart chair based on a posture recognition and feedback literature reviewKrauter, Christian
2015Distributed computing and transparency rendering for large displaysKauker, Daniel
2017Encoding high dynamic range and wide color gamut imageryFröhlich, Jan