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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983Reibschlüssige Dübelverbindungen im StahlbetonbauEligehausen, Rolf
1986Report to the General Assembly, Rotterdam, 6/6/1985Eligehausen, Rolf
1987Rotation capacity of plastic hinges and allowable degree of moment redistributionEligehausen, Rolf; Langer, Peter
1987The rotation capacity of plastic hinges in reinforced concrete beams and slabsEligehausen, Rolf; Langer, Peter
1986The rotation capacity of plastic hinges in reinforced concrete beams and slabsEligehausen, Rolf; Langer, Peter
1992Rotation capacity of prestressed concrete membersEligehausen, Rolf; Li, Longfei
1994Rotationsfähigkeit von vorgespannten plastischen GelenkenLi, Longfei; Eligehausen, Rolf
1994Scaling laws in concrete structuresOzbolt, Josko; Eligehausen, Rolf
1992Schnittgrößenermittlung (EC 2, Abschnitt 2.5)Eligehausen, Rolf; Fabritius, Eckhart; Eibl, Josef; Bühler, Ambros
2012Seismic assessment of RC exterior beam-column joints and retrofit with haunches using post-installed anchorsGenesio, Giovacchino
2013Seismic behavior and retrofitting of RC frame structures with emphasis on beam-column joints : experiments and numerical modelingSharma, Akanshu
2012Seismic bond model for concrete reinforcement and the application to column-to-foundation connectionsMahrenholtz, Christoph
1990Simulation of cracking and failure of concrete structuresCervenka, Vladimir; Eligehausen, Rolf
1992Simulation of cycling bond-slip behaviorOzbolt, Josko; Eligehausen, Rolf
1990Size effect in anchorage behaviorEligehausen, Rolf; Ozbolt, Josko
1992Size effect in concrete structuresEligehausen, Rolf; Ozbolt, Josko
1994The size effect in concrete structuresOzbolt, Josko; Eligehausen, Rolf; Petrangeli, Mario
1992Size effect of the concrete cone failure load of anchor boltsEligehausen, Rolf; Bouska, Petr; Cervenka, Vladimir; Pukl, Radomir
1982Stand der Befestigungstechnik im StahlbetonbauPusill-Wachtsmuth, Peter; Eligehausen, Rolf
1993Steel quality and static analysisEligehausen, Rolf; Fabritius, Eckhart