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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Mikrostruktur und Kriechverhalten von Magnesium-Druckgusslegierungen im System Mg-Zn-Al-CaVogel, Michael
2000Modeling of crack-tip plasticity in tungsten single crystalsHartmaier, Alexander
2006Modelling of crystal plasticity effects in the fracture of a metal/ceramic interface - bridging the length scalesSiddiq, Muhammad Amir
2015Modified TMV particles as beneficial scaffolds to present sensor enzymesKoch, Claudia; Wabbel, Katrin; Eber, Fabian J.; Krolla-Sidenstein, Peter; Azucena, Carlos; Gliemann, Hartmut; Eiben, Sabine; Geiger, Fania; Wege, Christina
2005Molecular dynamics simulations of precursor-derived Si-C-N ceramicsResta, Nicoletta
2009Molecular ordering of ionic liquids at a sapphire hard wall : a high energy x-ray reflectivity studySchröder, Heiko
2005Molekulardynamik feuchter granularer MedienGoll, Christian Martin
2011Morphological and structural study of ultrathin lithium fluoride films on organic molecule surfacesMaye, Felix
2007Multiscale modeling of fracture and deformation in interface controlled materialsBrödling, Nils Christian
2014Nanocrystalline thin films : microstructure, stability and propertiesKurz, Silke J. B.
2010Nanopatterning of poly(ethylene terephthalate) by plasma etchingWohlfart, Ellen
2014Nanoporous materials for hydrogen storage and H2/D2 isotope separationOh, Hyunchul
2006Nanoscale adhesion of individual gecko spatulae explored by atomic force microscopyHuber, Gerrit
2011A new production method for Fresnel zone plates for high-resolution X-ray microscopy and investigation of their imaging propertiesMayer, Marcel Wolfgang Richard
2015Nitriding behavior of Ni and Ni-based binary alloysFonovic, Matej
2012Nitriding of Fe-Mo alloys and maraging steel : structure, morphology and kinetics of nitride precipitationSelg, Holger
2007Nitriding of iron-based alloys : residual stresses and internal strain fieldsVives Díaz, Nicolás
2006Nitriding of iron-based alloys; the role of excess nitrogenHosmani, Santosh
2011Nitriding of iron-based binary and ternary alloys : microstructural development during nitride precipitationMeka, Sai Ramudu
2011Nitriding of iron-based ternary alloys : Fe-Cr-Ti and Fe-Cr-AlJung, Kyung Sub