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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Point-based visualization of molecular dynamics data setsGrottel, Sebastian
2010Processing of meshes and geometry for visualization applicationsBidmon, Katrin
2016Real-time ray tracing of volumetric dataRichter, Marcus
2014Strategies for efficient parallel visualizationFrey, Steffen
2015Topology and morphology of bounded vector fieldsMachado, Gustavo Mello
2020Umgang mit Forschungssoftware an der Universität StuttgartFlemisch, Bernd; Hermann, Sibylle; Holm, Christian; Mehl, Miriam; Reina, Guido; Uekermann, Benjamin; Boehringer, David; Ertl, Thomas; Grad, Jean-Noël; Iglezakis, Dorothea; Jaust, Alexander; Koch, Timo; Seeland, Anett; Weeber, Rudolf; Weik, Florian; Weishaupt, Kilian
2013Video visual analyticsHöferlin, Markus Johannes
2018Vision-based methods for evaluating visualizationsNetzel, Rudolf
2018Visual analysis of evolution and uncertainty in hierarchical dataZeyfang, Adrian
2017Visual analytics of big data from distributed systemsKutzleb, André
2018Visual analytics of eye-tracking and video dataKurzhals, Kuno
2019Visual Parameter Space Analysis for Classification ModelsHeyen, Frank
2013Visualization and mesoscopic simulation in systems biologyFalk, Martin Samuel
2015Visualization challenges in distributed heterogeneous computing environmentsPanagiotidis, Alexandros
2015Visualization for integrated simulation systemsHlawatsch, Marcel
2017Visualization of two-phase flow dynamics : techniques for droplet interactions, interfaces, and material transportKarch, Grzegorz Karol
2015Visualization techniques for group structures in graphsVehlow, Corinna
2013Visualization techniques for parallel coordinatesHeinrich, Julian
2019Visualizing Optimization TrajectoriesHägele, David
2017Ein volumetrischer Imposter zur Level-of-Detail-Darstellung von PartikeldatensätzenRau, Benjamin