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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014S-palmitoylation represents a novel mechanism regulating the mitochondrial targeting of BAX and initiation of apoptosisFröhlich, Michael; Dejanovic, Borislav; Kaskhar, Hamid; Schwarz, Guenter; Nussberger, Stephan
1988S. W. Hawking, W. Israel (eds), 300 years of gravitation : Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1987; [Rezension]Hentschel, Klaus
2020Saddle-point and minimization principles for diffusion in solids : phase separation, swelling and fractureBöger, Lukas
2004Saisonale Rhythmen und ihre Synchronisation beim Europäischen Feldhamster (Cricetus cricetus)Monecke, Stefanie
2020Sampling behavioral model parameters for ensemble-based sensitivity analysis using Gaussian process emulation and active subspacesErdal, Daniel; Xiao, Sinan; Nowak, Wolfgang; Cirpka, Olaf A.
2013Sampling the earth's time-variable gravity field from satellite orbit : design of future gravity satellite missionsIran Pour, Siavash
2017Sampling-based Bayesian approaches reveal the importance of quasi-bistable behavior in cellular decision processes on the example of the MAPK signaling pathway in PC-12 cell linesJensch, Antje; Thomaseth, Caterina; Radde, Nicole
2007Sand dunes on Mars and on EarthRibeiro Parteli, Eric Josef
1980Sanfte Energieversorgung - eine neue Utopie?Oesterwind, Dieter; Renn, Ortwin; Voß, Alfred
1980Sanfte Energieversorgung : Möglichkeiten, Probleme, GrenzenOesterwind, Dieter; Renn, Ortwin; Voß, Alfred
2012SAT Solving mit GPU UnterstützungSieweck, Philipp
2011Satellite altimetry for hydrological purposeLi, Yuxing
2022Satellite formation and instrument design for autonomous meteor detectionPetri, Jona
2004Satellite gradiometry using a satellite pairSharifi, Mohammad Ali
1987Satellite phonon absorption lines above the 875 GHz resonance of interstitial oxygen in siliconDittrich, Ehrenfried; Scheitler, Wolfgang; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
2006Satellite to satellite tracking in the space-wise approachSharifi, Mohammad A.
2020Satellite-observed monthly glacier and snow mass changes in southeast Tibet : implication for substantial meltwater contribution to the BrahmaputraYi, Shuang; Song, Chunqiao; Heki, Kosuke; Kang, Shichang; Wang, Qiuyu; Chang, Le
2003Satelliten im Dienst der Geodäsie und GeoinformatikKleusberg, Alfred
2012Saturated porous media dynamics with application to earthquake engineeringHeider, Yousef
2002Ein Satz von Komponenten zur nachhaltigen Verwaltung und Umwandlung von frei formatierten WörterbuchdatenLagally, Klaus; Rzehak, Lutz