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Authors: Effenberger, Franz
Hopf, Martin
Ziegler, Thomas
Hudelmayer, Jochen
Title: Darstellung O-geschützter (R)-2-Hydroxyaldehyde und ihre Hydrocyanierung
Other Titles: Synthesis of O-protected (R)-2-hydroxy aldehydes and their hydrocyanation
Issue Date: 1991 Zeitschriftenartikel Chemische Berichte 124 (1991), S. 1651-1659. URL
Abstract: The synthesis of O-silyl- and O-benzyl-protected (R)-2-hydroxy aldehydes (R)-6 from (R)-2-hydroxy carboxylic acids (R)-1 is described. While attempts for their diastereoselective hydrocyanation with hydrocyanic acid and (R)-oxynitrilase as catalyst have not been successful, the cyano silylation with trimethylsilyl cyanide occurred diastereoselectively with a ratio of 81 : 19 preferring the threo form without racemization at C-2 of the 2-hydroxy aldehyde.
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