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Authors: Gabenisch, Marie
Title: Thinking the unthinkable: two sovereign Palestinian states : an unconventional reading of Trump's Peace Plan through the lens of Wendt's constructivism
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Stuttgart : Universität Stuttgart, Institute for Social Science, Department of International Relations and European Integration Arbeitspapier 41
Series/Report no.: International relations online working paper series;2022,1
ISSN: 2192-7278 Das Working Paper basiert auf der BA-Arbeit von Fr. Gabenisch bei Prof. Kantner mit demselben Thema und Titel aus dem Jahr 2020.
Abstract: Trump's 2020 Peace Plan, a "Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People" may indirectly or implicitly be the catalyst for a new way of looking at the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. A constructivist analysis, with regard to the territorial, political, security, social and economic aspects of the Plan, reveals a new constellation of interests and identities of key actors in the region. The identities and interests of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Israel have developed separately, and are unevenly reflected in the Plan. Let us "think the unthinkable" (Khalidi 1978): why not Two Sovereign Palestinian States and a three-state solution?
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