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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Experimental and simulation study on validating a numerical model for CO2 density-driven dissolution in waterClass, Holger; Weishaupt, Kilian; Trötschler, Oliver
2020A numerical model for enzymatically induced calcium carbonate precipitationHommel, Johannes; Akyel, Arda; Frieling, Zachary; Phillips, Adrienne J.; Gerlach, Robin; Cunningham, Alfred B.; Class, Holger
2020Measuring and modelling spatiotemporal changes in hydrological response after partial deforestationWiekenkamp, Inge
2020Model concepts for coupling free flow with porous medium flow at the pore-network scale : from single-phase flow to compositional non-isothermal two-phase flowWeishaupt, Kilian
2020Integrating transient flow conditions into groundwater well protectionRodríguez Pretelín, Abelardo
2020Mixed-dimension models for flow and transport processes in porous media with embedded tubular network systemsKoch, Timo
2020Improving thermochemical energy storage dynamics forecast with physics-inspired neural network architecturePraditia, Timothy; Walser, Thilo; Oladyshkin, Sergey; Nowak, Wolfgang
2020The role of retardation, attachment and detachment processes during microbial coal-bed methane production after organic amendmentEmmert, Simon; Davis, Katherine; Gerlach, Robin; Class, Holger
2020Model reduction techniques for simulating complex flow processesKöppl, Tobias
2020Hydrological modelling in data sparse environment : inverse modelling of a historical flood eventBárdossy, András; Anwar, Faizan; Seidel, Jochen