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Authors: Sodnik, Zoran
Tiziani, Hans J.
Title: Remote nondestructive material analysis by photothermal interferometry
Issue Date: 1987 Konferenzbeitrag European Conference on Optics, Optical Systems and Applications 1986 : 30 Sept. - 3 Oct. 1986, Firenze, Italy. Bellingham, Wash. : SPIE, 1987 (Proceedings / SPIE 701). - ISBN 0-89252-736-6, S. 259-262
Abstract: Interferometry is used for the detection of thermal waves to study material properties. A symmetrical interferometer as thermal expansion detector was developed for photothermal nondestructive material analysis. After mixing a phase shifted reference signal electrically to the interferometer signal, phase and amplitude exchange phenomena have been observed.
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