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Authors: Schiehlen, Werner
Krause, Ralf
Title: Parametric modelling of nonlinearities by covariance analysis
Issue Date: 1992 Konferenzbeitrag Euromech 280 : proceedings of the International Symposium on Identification of Nonlinear Mechanical Systems from Dynamic Tests. Rotterdam : Balkema, 1992. - ISBN 90-5410-059-1, S. 157-158
Abstract: An integrated approach for the identification of mechanical systems with nonlinear force clements is shown. The method is split in two parts. The first part based on the covariance method uses measured data from the system and a linear model to proof which nonlinearities have an influence on the dynamical behavior to get a nonlinear model. In the second part, the parameter of this nonlinear model will are identified using measured covariances of the system for different excitation levels.
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