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Authors: Köpf, Andreas
Ambrosy, Anton
Lassmann, Kurt
Title: Linear stark coupling to the ground state of effective mass acceptors
Issue Date: 1989 Konferenzbeitrag Monemar, Bo (Hrsg.): Shallow impurities in semiconductors 1988 : proceedings of the Third International Conference held in Linköping, Sweden, 10 - 12 August 1988. Bristol : Institute of Physics, 1989 (Conference series / Institute of Physics, 95), S. 131-136
Abstract: It is shown by dielectric resonance absorption at 24 GHz and by ultrasonic resonance spectroscopy between 5 and 10 GHz that linear coupling of the electric field to the ground state of effective mass acceptors in Si exists and has a distinct chemical shift from B to In.
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