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Authors: Wolfstädter, Bernd
Trebin, Hans-Rainer
Pascher, Harald
Häfele, Hans-Georg
Title: Electrons and holes in InSb under crossed magnetic and stress fields. 3, Magnetoreflection
Issue Date: 1988 Zeitschriftenartikel Physical review, B 37 (1988), S. 10260-10263. URL
Abstract: In a series of four papers magnetooptical transitions are presented for InSb crystals, which are subjected to uniaxial stress perpendicular to the magnetic field. Here, in the first paper, we establish an 8×8 k⋅p Hamiltonian matrix for stress Tǁ[100] and field Bǁ[001] and diagonalize it exactly. The dependence of valence and conduction states on stress and longitudinal momentum is discussed and compared with the geometry of parallel fields TǁBǁ[001]. Characteristic features are extracted for inter- and intraband transitions. Under crossed fields, the levels are separated much stronger with stress, yielding more insight than in the parallel configuration. We have investigated the electronic interband transitions close to the band gap of InSb by observing magnetoreflectivity under uniaxial stress. The sensitivity of the experiment was increased by application of a magnetic-field-modulation technique. By this method we can resolve transitions from the conduction band to various valence-band Landau levels. The measurements were carried out with light polarized linearly along and perpendicular to the magnetic induction B (EǁB and E⊥B). In addition to well-known electric dipole resonances we observed new transitions induced by stress. These additional lines are connected with transition matrix elements which arise from lowering the symmetry. The observed transition energies are compared with band-structure calculations.
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