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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Naming the pain in requirements engineering : contemporary problems, causes, and effects in practiceMéndez Fernández, Daniel; Wagner, Stefan; Kalinowski, Marcos; Felderer, Michael; Mafra, Priscilla; Vetrò, Antonio; Conte, Tayana; Christiansson, Marie-Therese; Greer, Desmond; Lassenius, Casper; Männistö, Tomi; Nayabi, Maleknaz; Oivo, Markku; Penzenstadler, Birgit; Pfahl, Dietmar; Prikladnicki, Rafael; Ruhe, Günther; Schekelmann, André; Sen, Sagar; Spinola, Rodrigo; Tuzcu, Ahmet; Vara, Jose Luis de la; Wieringa, Roel
2016Assessing iterative practical software engineering courses with play moneyMindermann, Kai; Ostberg, Jan-Peter; Wagner, Stefan
2016On the relationship of inconsistent software clones and faults : an empirical studyWagner, Stefan; Abdulkhaleq, Asim; Kaya, Kamer; Paar, Alexander
2016Are suggestions of coupled file changes interesting?Ramadani, Jasmin; Wagner, Stefan
2016At ease with your warnings: the principles of the salutogenesis model applied to automatic static analysisOstberg, Jan-Peter; Wagner, Stefan
2016How are functionally similar code clones syntactically different? An empirical study and a benchmarkWagner, Stefan; Abdulkhaleq, Asim; Bogicevic, Ivan; Ostberg, Jan-Peter; Ramadani, Jasmin
2016Will my tests tell me if I break this code?Niedermayr, Rainer; Juergens, Elmar; Wagner, Stefan
2016Towards guidelines for preventing critical requirements engineering problemsMafra, Priscilla; Kalinowski, Marcos; Méndez Ferández, Daniel; Felderer, Michael; Wagner, Stefan
2016An automatic safety-based test case generation approach based on systems-theoretic process analysisAbdulkhaleq, Asim; Wagner, Stefan
2016An industrial case study on the evaluation of a safety engineering approach for software-intensive systems in the automotive domainAbdulkhaleq, Asim; Vöst, Sebastian; Wagner, Stefan; Thomas, John