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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Operational scenarios optimization for resupply of crew and cargo of an International gateway Station located near the Earth-Moon-Lagrangian point-2Lizy-Destrez, Stéphanie
2016Validation of INNWIND.EU scaled model tests of a semisubmersible floating wind turbineKoch, Christian; Lemmer, Frank; Borisade, Friedemann; Matha, Denis; Cheng, Po Wen
2018About the suitability of different numerical methods to reproduce model wind turbine measurements in a wind tunnel with a high blockage ratioKlein, Annette Claudia; Bartholomay, Sirko; Marten, David; Lutz, Thorsten; Pechlivanoglou, George; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Paschereit, Christian Oliver; Krämer, Ewald
2012Maintenance strategies for large offshore wind farmsScheu, Matti
2018The TripleSpar campaign: validation of a reduced-order simulation model for floating wind turbinesLemmer, Frank; Yu, Wei; Cheng, Po Wen; Pegalajar-Jurado, Antonio; Borg, Michael; Mikkelsen, Robert F.; Bredmose, Henrik
2017Analysis of the technical biases of meteor video cameras used in the CILBO systemAlbin, Thomas; Koschny, Detlef; Molau, Sirko; Srama, Ralf; Poppe, Björn
2017Acoustic and seismic emissions from wind turbinesCalarco, Francesca; Cheng, Po Wen; Zieger, Toni; Ritter, Joachim
2018Load sensitivity analysis for a floating wind turbine on a steel semi-submersible substructureMüller, Kolja; Faerron Guzman, Ricardo; Cheng, Po Wen; Galván, Josean; Sánchez Lara, Miren; Rodríguez Arías, Raúl; Manjock, Andreas
2017Measuring apparent flow vector on a flexible wing kiteOehler, Johannes
2018Numerical analyses and optimizations on the flow in the nacelle region of a wind turbineWeihing, Pascal; Wegmann, Tim; Lutz, Thorsten; Krämer, Ewald; Kühn, Timo; Altmikus, Andree