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Authors: Mariolani, José Ricardo Lenzi
Heisel, Uwe
Roth, Günther
Title: Influência da geometria da ferramenta e das condições de usinagem no torneamento de alumínio com diamante monocristalino
Other Titles: Influence of the tool geometry and the cutting parameters on turning of aluminium with single crystal diamond tool
Issue Date: 1992 Zeitschriftenartikel Revista brasileira de ciências mecânicas 14 (1992), Nr. 1, S. 57-74
Abstract: The results of an experimental investigation on the influence of the tool geometry and the cutting parameters on the surface quality of Aluminium faced with single crystal diamond tools are presented. The best surface qualities were obtained with a facetted cutter with cutting edge of 1,5 mm at a tool setting angle of 0,5°. The cutting parameter of most influence was the feed, being the smallest values of roughness obtained for 3,6 and 7,3µm/rev. The depth of cut exhibited few influence (in the tested range of depths) on the surface quality and the cutting speed showed no influence. It was realized that the right cooling of the cutting zone is decisive for a good surface quality.
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