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Authors: Berroth, Manfred
Bosch, Roland
Title: High frequency equivalent circuit of GaAs depletion and enhancement FETs for large signal modelling
Issue Date: 1990 Konferenzbeitrag Digest of papers / Workshop on Measurement Techniques for Microwave Device Characterization and Modelling, Stuttgart, April 23, 1990. Stuttgart, 1990, S. 122-127
Abstract: For the design of digital circuits as well as for power amplifiers, the nonlinear modelling of GaAs FETs is a necessity. We use an extended equivalent circuit, which takes into account the gate current of positive biased transistors as well as the symmetrical nature of the devices at low drain voltages. A fast method to determine the elements of the equivalent circuit from measured S-parameters is presented which delivers for the first time good agreement for all operating points. A valid large signal description of the device can be obtained by implementing the bias dependences of the intrinsic elements into a circuit simulator like SPICE.
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