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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analytical description of the criterion for the columnar-to-equiaxed transition during laser beam welding of aluminum alloysBöhm, Constantin; Hagenlocher, Christian; Wagner, Jonas; Graf, Thomas; Weihe, Stefan
2018Determination of the thermally induced focal shift of processing optics for ultrafast lasers with average powers of up to 525 WFaas, Sebastian; Förster, Daniel J.; Weber, Rudolf; Graf, Thomas
2018Estimation of the depth limit for percussion drilling with picosecond laser pulsesFörster, Daniel J.; Weber, Rudolf; Holder, Daniel; Graf, Thomas
2014Heat accumulation during pulsed laser materials processingWeber, Rudolf; Graf, Thomas; Berger, Peter; Onuseit, Volkher; Wiedenmann, Margit; Freitag, Chistian; Feuer, Anne
2021Process window for highly efficient laser-based powder bed fusion of AlSi10Mg with reduced pore formationLeis, Artur; Weber, Rudolf; Graf, Thomas
2018Radially polarized passively mode-locked thin-disk laser oscillator emitting sub-picosecond pulses with an average output power exceeding the 100 W levelBeirow, Frieder; Eckerle, Michael; Dannecker, Benjamin; Dietrich, Tom; Abdou Ahmed, Marwan; Graf, Thomas
2019Scaling the productivity of laser structuring processes using picosecond laser pulses at average powers of up to 420W to produce superhydrophobic surfaces on stainless steel AISI 316LFaas, Sebastian; Bielke, Uwe; Weber, Rudolf; Graf, Thomas
2021Synchrotron X-ray analysis of the influence of the magnesium content on the absorptance during full-penetration laser welding of aluminumWagner, Jonas; Hagenlocher, Christian; Hummel, Marc; Olowinsky, Alexander; Weber, Rudolf; Graf, Thomas
2022Theoretical investigation on the elimination of the period chirp by deliberate substrate deformationsBienert, Florian; Graf, Thomas; Abdou Ahmed, Marwan
2014Yb:CaF2 thin-disk laserWentsch, Katrin Sarah; Weichelt, Birgit; Günster, Stefan; Druon, Frederic; Georges, Patrick; Abdou Ahmed, Marwan; Graf, Thomas