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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Development of a multi-sensor concept for real-time temperature measurement at the cutting insert of a single-lip deep hole drilling toolRamme, Johannes; Wegert, Robert; Guski, Vinzenz; Schmauder, Siegfried; Möhring, Hans-Christian
2021Experimental investigations of micro-meso damage evolution for a Co/WC-type tool material with application of digital image correlation and machine learningSchneider, Yanling; Zielke, Reiner; Xu, Chensheng; Tayyab, Muhammad; Weber, Ulrich; Schmauder, Siegfried; Tillmann, Wolfgang
2022Many-scale investigations of deformation behavior of polycrystalline composites: II - micro-macro simultaneous FE and discrete dislocation dynamics simulationSchneider, Yanling; Rapp, Dennis-Michael; Yang, Yifang; Wasserbäch, Werner; Schmauder, Siegfried
2022Many-scale investigations of the deformation behavior of polycrystalline composites: I - machine learning applied for image segmentationSchneider, Yanling; Prabhu, Vighnesh; Höss, Kai; Wasserbäch, Werner; Zhou, Zhangjian; Schmauder, Siegfried
2020A newly discovered relation between the critical resolved shear stress and the fatigue endurance limit for metallic materialsMlikota, Marijo; Schmauder, Siegfried
2021A numerical method to improve the representativeness of real microstructure cut-outs applied in finite element simulationsSchneider, Yanling; Wasserbäch, Werner; Schmauder, Siegfried; Zhou, Zhangjian; Zielke, Reiner; Tillmann, Wolfgang
2020A physically based material model for the simulation of friction stir weldingPanzer, Florian; Shishova, Elizaveta; Werz, Martin; Weihe, Stefan; Eberhard, Peter; Schmauder, Siegfried
2021Simulation study on single-lip deep hole drilling using design of experimentsFandino, Daniel; Guski, Vinzenz; Wegert, Robert; Möhring, Hans-Christian; Schmauder, Siegfried