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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994μ-Suboptimal design of a robustly performing controller for a chemical reactorAmann, Notker; Allgöwer, Frank
2012Analyzing fixed points of intracellular regulation networks with interrelated feedback topologyRadde, Nicole
2018Bcl-2-mediated control of TRAIL-induced apoptotic response in the non-small lung cancer cell line NCI-H460 is effective at late caspase processing stepsDanish, Lubna; Imig, Dirke; Allgöwer, Frank; Scheurich, Peter; Pollak, Nadine
1991Chemical process control : present status and future needs ; the view from European industrySchuler, Hans; Allgöwer, Frank; Gilles, Ernst Dieter
1992Chemical process control: a german perspectiveAllgöwer, Frank
2009Communication networks in control: new dimensions of complexityAllgöwer, Frank; Blind, Rainer; Münz, Ulrich; Wieland, Peter
2007Control of uncertain systems with l1 and quadratic performance objectivesRieber, Jochen M.
2010Delay robustness in cooperative controlMünz, Ulrich
1993Design of robustly performing controllers for a class of practical control problemsAmann, Notker; Allgöwer, Frank
2017Distributed Economic Model Predictive Control under inexact minimization with application to power systemsKöhler, Johannes
2013A distributed solution to the adjustable robust economic dispatch problemLorenzen, Matthias; Bürger, Mathias; Notarstefano, Giuseppe; Allgöwer, Frank
1994Dynamische Simulation verfahrenstechnischer Prozesse und Anlagen : ein Vergleich von WerkzeugenWatzdorf, Rüdiger von; Allgöwer, Frank; Helget, Andreas; Marquardt, Wolfgang; Gilles, Ernst Dieter
2012Efficient parametric analysis of the chemical master equation through model order reductionWaldherr, Steffen; Haasdonk, Bernard
1994An engineering perspective on nonlinear H∞ controlAllgöwer, Frank; Rehm, Ansgar; Gilles, Ernst Dieter
2010From static to dynamic couplings in consensus and synchronization among identical and non-identical systemsWieland, Peter
1998H∞-control of differential-algebraic-equation systemsRehm, Ansgar; Allgöwer, Frank
2013Identifiability and sensitivity analysis of heterogeneous cell population modelsZeng, Shen
2011Identification of models of heterogeneous cell populations from population snapshot dataHasenauer, Jan; Waldherr, Steffen; Doszczak, Malgorzata; Radde, Nicole; Scheurich, Peter; Allgöwer, Frank
2018Indefinite linear quadratic optimal control: periodic dissipativity and turnpike propertiesBerberich, Julian
1974Influence of the wall on the dynamic behavior of homogeneous tubular reactors with a highly exothermic reactionEigenberger, Gerhart