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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Identifikation und Visualisierung von Halos in kosmologischen SimulationenSchatz, Karsten
2018Immersive Spatio-Temporale Suche und Exploration zur EntscheidungsunterstützungPrager, Florian
2012Implementation of an interactive graph visualization tool focusing on partially drawn links in user-defined regionsKong, Yuefeng
2012Implementation of an interactive visualization tool for analyzing dynamic hierarchiesLouka, Christine
2019Implementierung und Visualisierung N-Gramm-basierter Word-CloudsPirk, Sebastian
2018Implications of the uncanny valley of avatars and virtual characters for human-computer interactionSchwind, Valentin
2014Implicit night sleep monitoring using smartphonesZarei, Mohsen
2015Imposters for particle-based datasetsWickenhäuser, Patrick
2018Improved descriptor Learning for correspondence problemsJahedi, Azin
2013Improving the effectiveness of interactive data analytics with phone-tablet combinationsLischke, Lars
2017Influence of real world and virtual reality on human mid-air pointing accuracySchweigert, Robin
2014Infrastructure support for augmented memoryMetzger, Paul
2018Inpainting methods for optical flowŽugor, Ediba
2018Interacting with large high-resolution display workplacesLischke, Lars
2015Interaction techniques for wall-sized screensLischke, Lars; Grüninger, Jürgen; Klouche, Khalil; Schmidt, Albrecht; Slusallek, Philipp; Jacucci, Giulio
2012Interactive LearningNetzel, Rudolf
2018Interactive ray tracing of solvent excluded surfacesZahn, Sebastian
2020Interactive tactile representations to support document accessibility for people with visual impairmentsÁvila Soto, Mauro
2006Interactive visualization methods for mobile device applicationsDiepstraten, Joachim
2003Interactive volume rendering in virtual environmentsSchulze-Döbold, Jürgen Peter