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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Identifikation und Visualisierung von Halos in kosmologischen SimulationenSchatz, Karsten
2018Immersive Spatio-Temporale Suche und Exploration zur EntscheidungsunterstützungPrager, Florian
2012Implementation of an interactive graph visualization tool focusing on partially drawn links in user-defined regionsKong, Yuefeng
2012Implementation of an interactive visualization tool for analyzing dynamic hierarchiesLouka, Christine
2019Implementierung und Visualisierung N-Gramm-basierter Word-CloudsPirk, Sebastian
2018Implications of the uncanny valley of avatars and virtual characters for human-computer interactionSchwind, Valentin
2014Implicit night sleep monitoring using smartphonesZarei, Mohsen
2015Imposters for particle-based datasetsWickenhäuser, Patrick
2018Improved descriptor Learning for correspondence problemsJahedi, Azin
2013Improving the effectiveness of interactive data analytics with phone-tablet combinationsLischke, Lars
2017Influence of real world and virtual reality on human mid-air pointing accuracySchweigert, Robin
2014Infrastructure support for augmented memoryMetzger, Paul
2018Inpainting methods for optical flowŽugor, Ediba
2018Interacting with large high-resolution display workplacesLischke, Lars
2015Interaction techniques for wall-sized screensLischke, Lars; Grüninger, Jürgen; Klouche, Khalil; Schmidt, Albrecht; Slusallek, Philipp; Jacucci, Giulio
2012Interactive LearningNetzel, Rudolf
2018Interactive ray tracing of solvent excluded surfacesZahn, Sebastian
2006Interactive visualization methods for mobile device applicationsDiepstraten, Joachim
2003Interactive volume rendering in virtual environmentsSchulze-Döbold, Jürgen Peter
2012Interactive volume visualization with WebGlBecher, Michael