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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Application of a micropolar model to the localization phenomena in granular materials : general model, sensitivity analysis and parameter optimizationScholz, Bernd
2002Beschreibung und Anwendung eines elastisch-plastischen Materialmodells mit Schädigung für hochporöse MetallschäumeDroste, Alexander
2012Carbon-dioxide storage in the subsurface : a fully coupled analysis of transport phenomena and solid deformationKomarova, Irina
2021Continuum mechanics of multicomponent materials : modelling, numerics and applications for biological materials in the framework of the theory of porous mediaWagner, Arndt
2013Coupled deformation and flow processes of partially saturated soil : experiments, model validation and numerical investigationsAvci, Okan
2015Coupled problems in the mechanics of multi-physics and multi-phase materialsZinatbakhsh, Seyedmohammad
2012Damage in multi-phasic materials computed with the extended finite-element methodRempler, Hans-Uwe
2009An extended biphasic description of the inhomogeneous and anisotropic intervertebral discKarajan, Nils
2014Extended modelling of the multiphasic human brain tissue with application to drug-infusion processesWagner, Arndt
2017Fluid-phase transitions in a multiphasic model of CO2 sequestration into deep aquifers : a fully coupled analysis of transport phenomena and solid deformationHäberle, Kai
2019From particle mechanics to micromorphic continuaBidier, Sami
2014Growth, modelling and remodelling of biological tissueKrause, Robert Friedrich
2000Mikropolare Zweiphasenmodelle : Modellierung auf der Basis der Theorie Poröser MedienDiebels, Stefan
2019Model reduction applied to finite-element techniques for the solution of porous-media problemsFink, Davina
2014Multi-field modelling and simulation of the human hip jointMabuma, Joffrey
2005A multiphasic continuum mechanical model for design investigations of an effusion-cooled rocket thrust chamberGhadiani, Saeed Reza
2008Multiphasic flow processes in deformable porous media under consideration of fluid phase transitionsGraf, Tobias
2017Parallel simulation of volume-coupled multi-field problems with special application to soil dynamicsSchenke, Maik
2019A phase-field model embedded in the theory of porous media with application to hydraulic fracturingLuo, Chenyi
2005Porous media viscoelasticity with application to polymeric foamsMarkert, Bernd