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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002FTIR-Messungen und quantenchemische Rechnungen an Sondenmolekülen auf lewis- und brönstedsauren Y-ZeolithenHübner, Georg Albrecht
1988Fuel to the nuclear debate : [Rezension von:] Nuclear power in crisis, Andrew Blowers and David Pepper (editors), New York, Nichols; London ..., Croom Helm, 1987Renn, Ortwin
1993Fulgides as switches for intramolecular energy transferWalz, Jochen; Ulrich, Karl; Port, Helmut; Wolf, Hans Christoph; Wonner, Johann; Effenberger, Franz
2011Full-wave modeling of the O-X mode conversion in the Pegasus toroidal experimentKöhn, Alf; Jacquot, Jonathan; Bongard, Michael W.; Gallian, Sara; Hinson, Edward T.; Volpe, Francesco
2011Full-wave simulations of the O-X-B mode conversion in a realistic experimental geometry in the RFX-mod deviceKöhn, Alf; Bilato, Roberto; Volpe, Francesco; Paccagnella, Roberto
1996Fullerene: Käfige aus Kohlenstoffatomen mit faszinierenden EigenschaftenMehring, Michael
2016A fully coupled thermomechanical 3D model for all phases of friction stir weldingHoßfeld, Max
2017Fully integrated high quality factor GmC bandpass filter stage with highly linear operational transconductance amplifierBriem, Jochen; Mader, Marco; Reiter, Daniel; Amirpour, Raul; Grözing, Markus; Berroth, Manfred
2004The function of the beta6/Pre7 propeptide for 20S proteasome biogenesis in baker’s yeastIyappan, Saravanakumar
2014Function-based cost estimation for service robot prototypes in early design phasesBlümlein, Nikolaus
2016Functional complex plasmonics : understanding and realizing chiral and active plasmonic systemsYin, Xinghui
2002Functional knockout of cellular prion protein in mouse neuroblastoma cell by over-expression of anti-prion protein intrabodiesHashem Dabaghian, Alireza
2014Functional polyolefins prepared by group 4 diamide complexes through tandem ring-opening metathesis/vinyl insertion polymerizationXu, Guangjuan
2006Functional renormalization group analysis of Luttinger liquids with impuritiesAndergassen, Sabine
2019Functional renormalization group for strongly interacting Fermi systemsVilardi, Demetrio
2013Functional renormalization group study of fluctuation effects in fermionic superfluidsEberlein, Andreas
2017Functional role of lanthanides in enzymatic activity and transcriptional regulation of Pyrroloquinoline quinone-dependent alcohol dehydrogenases in Pseudomonas putida KT2440Wehrmann, Matthias; Billard, Patrick; Martin-Meriadec, Audrey; Zegeye, Asfaw; Klebensberger, Janosch
2009Functionalization of PP for the enhancement of adhesion between polypropylene and polyamide multilayersRustal, Claude
2005Functions of the yeast protein Stm1 and its involvement in apoptotic cell deathIlina, Yulia
2007Fundamental models and algorithms for a distributed reputation systemEngler, Michael