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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987Mach, ErnstHentschel, Klaus
2019Machine learning and Monte Carlo based data analysis methods in cosmic dust researchAlbin, Thomas
2019A machine learning approach to control musculoskeletal systemsDrieß, Danny
2018A machine learning approach to model solute grain boundary segregationHuber, Liam; Hadian, Raheleh; Grabowski, Blazej; Neugebauer, Jörg
2020Machine Learning basierte Response Style Identifikation: eine simulations-statistische PilotstudieKrause, Thomas
2021Machine learning for end-use electrical energy monitoringBarsim, Karim Said
2023Machine Learning frameworks in open-source software : an exploratory study on code and project smellsHauser, Marius
2014Machine learning methods for fault classificationGosavi, Siddharth Sunil
2021Machine learning of fluid-structure interactionSchumacher, Axel
2017Machine learning support for logic diagnosisRodríguez Gómez, Laura
2021Machine learning-based lie detector applied to a novel annotated game datasetRodriguez-Diaz, Nuria; Aspandi, Decky; Sukno, Federico M.; Binefa, Xavier
2018Machine question answering with attention-based convolutional neural networksBlohm, Matthias
2019Machine translation with transformersNguyen, Truong Thinh
2023Machine-learning techniques for geometry optimizationBorn, Daniel
2011Machine-Learning-basiertes Framework für eine GeschäftsprozesssimulationPanos, Michael
1994Machining bores with milldrilling and millboringHeisel, Uwe; Ruziczka, Gunter
2023Macro-micro coupling with DuMux and preCICEKschidock, Helena
2013Macroscopic quantum tunneling in Bose-Einstein condensatesSchwidder, Torsten
1987MAD : ein Datenmodell für den Kern eines Non-Standard-DatenbanksystemsMitschang, Bernhard
1989Magnet-Flüssigkeitsdichtung - Patent SU 1143914 A vom 7.3.1985Sizov, A. P.; Kiselev, I. A.; Nogovicin, A. G.; Sobolev, I. D.