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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Experimental study on retardation of a heavy NAPL vapor in partially saturated porous mediaKleinknecht, Simon Matthias; Class, Holger; Braun, Jürgen
2014Yb:CaF2 thin-disk laserWentsch, Katrin Sarah; Weichelt, Birgit; Günster, Stefan; Druon, Frederic; Georges, Patrick; Abdou Ahmed, Marwan; Graf, Thomas
2014Efficient combination of topology and parameter optimizationLin, Yusheng; Sun, Zheng; Dadalau, Alexandru; Verl, Alexander
2014A mathematical model of metabolism and regulation provides a systems-level view of how Escherichia coli responds to oxygenEderer, Michael; Steinsiek, Sonja; Stagge, Stefan; Rolfe, Matthew D.; Beek, Alexander tek; Knies, David; Teixeira de Mattos, M. Joost; Sauter, Thomas; Green, Jeffrey; Poole, Robert K.; Bettenbrock, Katja; Sawodny, Oliver
2013Cooperative search by combining simulated and real robots in a swarm under the view of multibody system dynamicsTang, Qirong; Eberhard, Peter
2014Basic regulatory principles of Escherichia coli's electron transport chain for varying oxygen conditionsHenkel, Sebastian; Beek, Alexander ter; Steinsiek, Sonja; Stagge, Stefan; Bettenbrock, Katja; Teixeira de Mattos, M. Joost; Sauter, Thomas; Sawodny, Oliver; Ederer, Michael
2014Heat accumulation during pulsed laser materials processingWeber, Rudolf; Graf, Thomas; Berger, Peter; Onuseit, Volkher; Wiedenmann, Margit; Freitag, Chistian; Feuer, Anne
2014Schwachstellen im Fokus : Analyse kritischer SystemstellenKemmler, Stefan; Bertsche, Bernd
2012Analyzing fixed points of intracellular regulation networks with interrelated feedback topologyRadde, Nicole
2013A rapid method for the extraction and analysis of carotenoids and other hydrophobic substances suitable for systems biology studies with photosynthetic bacteriaBóna-Lovász, Judit; Bóna, Aron; Ederer, Michael; Sawodny, Oliver; Ghosh, Robin