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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1065
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Humidity controlled water uptake and conductivities in polymeric mixed conductor thin filmsWieland, Matthias
2021Campherchinoniminliganden und ihr Elektronentransferverhalten unter Metallkoordination an Rhenium und ManganBlickle, Svenja
2021Entwicklung von hochbeladenen Nickel-Aluminiumoxid-Katalysatoren für die Erzeugung von synthetischem Erdgas durch CO2-HydrierungBeierlein, Dennis
2021Development and investigation of an efficient electrolysis process for the conversion of carbon dioxide to formateLöwe, Armin
2021Structure-property insights into molybdenum imido alkylidene N-heterocyclic carbene complexes for olefin metathesisMomin, Mohasin
2021A combined experimental and first-principles based assessment of finite-temperature thermodynamic properties of intermetallic Al3ScGupta, Ankit; Tas, Bengü; Korbmacher, Dominique; Dutta, Biswanath; Neitzel, Yulia; Grabowski, Blazej; Hickel, Tilmann; Esin, Vladimir; Divinski, Sergiy V.; Wilde, Gerhard; Neugebauer, Jörg
2018GB code: a grain boundary generation codeHadian, Sherry; Grabowski, Blazej; Neugebauer, Jörg
2021Crystal structure and phase stability of Co2N: a combined first-principles and experimental studyIkeda, Yuji; Lehmann, Tanja S.; Widenmeyer, Marc; Coduri, Mauro; Grabowski, Blazej; Niewa, Rainer
2018Dislocation slip transmission through a coherent Σ3{111} copper twin boundary: strain rate sensitivity, activation volume and strength distribution functionMalyar, Nataliya V.; Grabowski, Blazej; Dehm, Gerhard; Kirchlechner, Christoph
2018A machine learning approach to model solute grain boundary segregationHuber, Liam; Hadian, Raheleh; Grabowski, Blazej; Neugebauer, Jörg
2019Ab initio phase stabilities and mechanical properties of multicomponent alloys: a comprehensive review for high entropy alloys and compositionally complex alloysIkeda, Yuji; Grabowski, Blazej; Körmann, Fritz
2017Ab initio modelling of solute segregation energies to a general grain boundaryHuber, Liam; Grabowski, Blazej; Militzer, Matthias; Neugebauer, Jörg; Rottler, Jörg
2017Atomic scale processes of phase transformations in nanocrystalline NiTi shape-memory alloysKo, Won-Seok; Maisel, Sascha B.; Grabowski, Blazej; Jeon, Jong Bae; Neugebauer, Jörg
2016A QM/MM approach for low-symmetry defects in metalsHuber, Liam; Grabowski, Blazej; Militzer, Matthias; Neugebauer, Jörg; Rottler, Jörg
2019Basal slip in laves phases: the synchroshear dislocationGuénolé, Julien; Mouhib, Fatim-Zahra; Huber, Liam; Grabowski, Blazej; Korte-Kerzel, Sandra
2020Thin film growth and structural investigation of DyBa2Cu3O7-δPutzky, Daniel
2020Eisenkatalysierte Aminierungsreaktionen von C-H- und C-C-Bindungen und ihre Anwendung in der NaturstoffsyntheseEisele, Aslihan
2020Übergangsmetallkatalysierte C-H-AktivierungenEisele, Pascal
2021Application of machine-learning for construction of bias potential: a case study of add-atom hyperdynamics and straight screw dislocation migrationNovikov, Ivan S.
2016Atomistic migration mechanisms of atomically flat, stepped, and kinked grain boundariesHadian, Raheleh; Grabowski, Blazej; Race, Christopher Peter; Jörg, Neugebauer
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1065