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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Video-STM, LEED and X-ray diffraction investigations of PTCDA on graphiteLudwig, Christoph; Gompf, Bruno; Glatz, Wolfgang; Petersen, Jörg; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang; Möbus, Manfred; Zimmermann, Uwe; Karl, Norbert
1994STM investigations of PTCDA and PTCDI on graphite and MoS2 : a systematic study of epitaxy and STM image contrastLudwig, Christoph; Gompf, Bruno; Petersen, Jörg; Strohmaier, Rainer; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1994Epitaxy and scanning tunneling microscopy image contrast of copper-phthalocyanine on graphite and MoS2Ludwig, Christoph; Strohmaier, Rainer; Petersen, Jörg; Gompf, Bruno; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1993Thermal motion of one-dimensional domain walls in monolayers of a polar polymer observed by Video-STMLudwig, Christoph; Eberle, Gernot; Gompf, Bruno; Petersen, Jörg; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1994STM investigations of C6Br6 on HOPG and MoS2Strohmaier, Rainer; Ludwig, Christoph; Petersen, Jörg; Gompf, Bruno; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1972Transition of 280 GHz phonons from superconducting tunneling junctions into liquid helium and siliconTrumpp, Hans-Joachim; Lassmann, Kurt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1976Quasiparticle recombination and 2Δ-phonon-trapping in superconducting tunnelling junctionsEisenmenger, Wolfgang; Lassmann, Kurt; Trumpp, Hans-Joachim; Krauß, Richard
1978Quasiparticle recombination time in superconducting tin and normal electronic density of states at the Fermi surface from tunnel junction experimentsEpperlein, Peter W.; Lassmann, Kurt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1977Intrinsic and experimental quasiparticle recombination times in superconducting filmsEisenmenger, Wolfgang; Lassmann, Kurt; Trumpp, Hans-Joachim; Krauß, Richard
1974Transmission of heater generated high frequency phonons through a sapphire-He II boundaryBuck, Jochen; Lassmann, Kurt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang