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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1973Gap and low resistance junctions between cells in cultureHülser, Dieter F.; Demsey, Anthony
1988Gap junction formation in rabbit uterine epithelium in response to embryo recognitionWinterhager, Elke; Brümmer, Franz; Dermietzel, Rolf; Hülser, Dieter F.; Denker, Hans-Werner
1982Gap Junctions in Multizell-SphäroidenBrümmer, Franz; Hülser, Dieter F.
1989Gap junctions: correlated electrophysiological recordings and ultrastructural analysis by fast freezing and freeze-fracturingHülser, Dieter F.; Paschke, Dietmar; Greule, Joachim
1991Growth inhibition of oncogene transformed rat fibroblasts by cocultured normal cells: relevance of metabolic cooperation mediated by gap junctionsMartin, Wolfgang; Zempel, Günther; Hülser, Dieter F.; Willecke, Klaus
1992High-resolution measurements of gap-junctional conductance during perfusion with anti-connexin antibodies in pairs of cultured mammalian cellsPaschke, Dietmar; Eckert, Reiner; Hülser, Dieter F.
1989Histopathology of shock wave treated tumor cell suspensions and multicell tumor spheroidsBräuner, Thomas; Brümmer, Franz; Hülser, Dieter F.
1989Hydrogen ion-mediated enhancement of cytotoxicity of bis-chloroethylating drugs in rat mammary carcinoma cells in vitroJähde, Eckhard; Glüsenkamp, Karl-Heinz; Klünder, Irene; Hülser, Dieter F.; Tietze, Lutz-F.; Rajewsky, Manfred F.
1994Immunochemical and electrophysiological characterization of murine connexin40 and -43 in mouse tissues and transfected human cellsTraub, Otto; Eckert, Reiner; Lichtenberg-Fraté, Hella; Elfgang, Claudia; Bastide, Bruno; Scheidtmann, Karl Heinz; Hülser, Dieter F.; Willecke, Klaus
1981Increased radioresistance of cells in cultured multicell spheroids. 1, Dependence on cellular interactionDertinger, Hermann; Hülser, Dieter F.
1971Intercellular communication in phytohemagglutinin - induced lymphocyte agglutinatesHülser, Dieter F.; Peters, Johann H.
1984Intercellular communication in spheroidsDertinger, Hermann; Hülser, Dieter F.
1992Intercellular communication in three-dimensional cultureHülser, Dieter F.
1984Interzelluläre KommunikationHülser, Dieter F.
1986Interzelluläre Kommunikation in dreidimensional wachsenden Multizell-Sphäroiden : ein Zellkulturmodell zur Verringerung von TierversuchenHülser, Dieter F.; Bräuner, Thomas; Brümmer, Franz
1982Introduction - Symposium on Intercellular Communication Stuttgart, 1982Hülser, Dieter F.
1966Investigations of different types of AgBr-layers for use in electron microscope autoradiographyHülser, Dieter F.; Rajewsky, Manfred F.
1974Ionic coupling between nonexcitable cells in cultureHülser, Dieter F.
1983Isolation and characterization of Chinese hamster cells defective in cell-cell coupling via gap junctionsWillecke, Klaus; Müller, Dagmar; Drüge, Petra Maria; Frixen, Uwe; Schäfer, Reinhold; Dermietzel, Rolf; Hülser, Dieter F.
1982Membrane potential oscillations in homokaryons : an endogenous signal for detecting intercellular communicationHülser, Dieter F.; Lauterwasser, Ursula