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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Comparative sensitivity analysis of muscle activation dynamicsRockenfeller, Robert; Günther, Michael; Schmitt, Syn; Götz, Thomas
2021Coordinating with a robot partner affects neural processing related to action monitoringCzeszumski, Artur; Gert, Anna L.; Keshava, Ashima; Ghadirzadeh, Ali; Kalthoff, Tilman; Ehinger, Benedikt V.; Tiessen, Max; Björkman, Mårten; Kragic, Danica; König, Peter
2017Coupling DuMuX and DUNE-PDELab to investigate evaporation at the interface between Darcy and Navier-Stokes flowGrüninger, Christoph; Fetzer, Thomas; Flemisch, Bernd; Helmig, Rainer
2021Digital Rock Physics : a geological driven workflow for the segmentation of anisotropic Ruhr sandstoneBalcewicz, Martin; Siegert, Mirko; Gurris, Marcel; Ruf, Matthias; Krach, David; Steeb, Holger; Saenger, Erik H.
2021Editorial - somatosensory integration in human movement : perspectives for neuromechanics, modelling and rehabilitationGizzi, Leonardo; Vujaklija, Ivan; Sartori, Massimo; Röhrle, Oliver; Severini, Giacomo
2021Efficient wildland fire simulation via nonlinear model order reductionBlack, Felix; Schulze, Philipp; Unger, Benjamin
2017Implementation and validation of the extended Hill-type muscle model with robust routing capabilities in LS-DYNA for active human body modelsKleinbach, Christian; Martynenko, Oleksandr; Promies, Janik; Häufle, Daniel F. B.; Fehr, Jörg; Schmitt, Syn
2013Modeling the chemoelectromechanical behavior of skeletal muscle using the parallel open-source software library OpenCMISSHeidlauf, Thomas; Röhrle, Oliver
2014A multiscale chemo-electro-mechanical skeletal muscle model to analyze muscle contraction and force generation for different muscle fiber arrangementsHeidlauf, Thomas; Röhrle, Oliver
2018On laterally perturbed human stance: experiment, model, and controlSuissa, Dan; Günther, Michael; Shapiro, Amir; Melzer, Itshak; Schmitt, Syn
2012A physiologically based, multi-scale model of skeletal muscle structure and functionRöhrle, Oliver; Davidson, John B.; Pullan, Andrew J.
2021A physiology-guided classification of active-stress and active-strain approaches for continuum-mechanical modeling of skeletal muscle tissueKlotz, Thomas; Bleiler, Christian; Röhrle, Oliver
2021The role of fast frequency response of energy storage systems and renewables for ensuring frequency stability in future low-inertia power systemsGonzález-Inostroza, Pablo; Rahmann, Claudia; Álvarez, Ricardo; Haas, Jannik; Nowak, Wolfgang; Rehtanz, Christian
2016The role of parvalbumin, sarcoplasmatic reticulum calcium pump rate, rates of cross-bridge dynamics, and ryanodine receptor calcium current on peripheral muscle fatigue: a simulation studyRöhrle, Oliver; Neumann, Verena; Heidlauf, Thomas
2019Symplectic model order reduction with non-orthonormal basesBuchfink, Patrick; Bhatt, Ashish; Haasdonk, Bernard
2012Tailoring enhanced optical chirality : design principles for chiral plasmonic nanostructuresSchäferling, Martin; Dregely, Daniel; Hentschel, Mario; Giessen, Harald
2013Theoretical hill-type muscle and stability : numerical model and applicationSchmitt, Syn; Günther, Michael; Rupp, Tille; Bayer, Alexandra; Häufle, Daniel F. B.
2021Variations in muscle activity and exerted torque during temporary blood flow restriction in healthy individualsGizzi, Leonardo; Yavuz, Utku Ş.; Hillerkuss, Dominic; Geri, Tommaso; Gneiting, Elena; Domeier, Franziska; Schmitt, Syn; Röhrle, Oliver