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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20223D direct laser writing of highly absorptive photoresist for miniature optical aperturesSchmid, Michael D.; Toulouse, Andrea; Thiele, Simon; Mangold, Simon; Herkommer, Alois M.; Giessen, Harald
20213D printed micro-optics for quantum technology: Optimised coupling of single quantum dot emission into a single-mode fibreSartison, Marc; Weber, Ksenia; Thiele, Simon; Bremer, Lucas; Fischbach, Sarah; Herzog, Thomas; Kolatschek, Sascha; Jetter, Michael; Reitzenstein, Stephan; Herkommer, Alois; Michler, Peter; Portalupi, Simone Luca; Giessen, Harald
20193D printed stacked diffractive microlensesThiele, Simon; Pruss, Christof; Herkommer, Alois; Giessen, Harald
20213D-printed miniature spectrometer for the visible range with a 100 × 100 μm2 footprintToulouse, Andrea; Drozella, Johannes; Thiele, Simon; Giessen, Harald; Herkommer, Alois
2019Adaptive method for quantitative estimation of glucose and fructose concentrations in aqueous solutions based on infrared nanoantenna opticsSchuler, Benjamin; Kühner, Lucca; Hentschel, Mario; Giessen, Harald; Tarín, Cristina
2020Alignment-free difference frequency light source tunable from 5 to 20 µm by mixing two independently tunable OPOsMörz, Florian; Steinle, Tobias; Linnenbank, Heiko; Steinmann, Andy; Giessen, Harald
2017Boron partitioning coefficient above unity in laser crystallized siliconLill, Patrick C.; Dahlinger, Morris; Köhler, Jürgen R.
2013Broadly tunable femtosecond near- and mid-IR source by direct pumping of an OPA with a 41.7 MHz Yb:KGW oscillatorKrauth, Joachim; Steinmann, Andy; Hegenbarth, Robin; Conforti, Matteo; Giessen, Harald
2020Compact harmonic cavity optical parametric oscillator for optical parametric amplifier seedingNägele, Marco; Steinle, Tobias; Mörz, Florian; Linnenbank, Heiko; Steinmann, Andy; Giessen, Harald
2011Coupling strength of complex plasmonic structures in the multiple dipole approximationLangguth, Lutz; Giessen, Harald
2020Degradation rate location dependency of photovoltaic systemsFrick, Alexander; Makrides, George; Schubert, Markus; Schlecht, Matthias; Georghiou, George E.
2020Distortion-free multi-element Hypergon wide-angle micro-objective by femtosecond 3D printingWeber, Ksenia; Wang, Zhen; Thiele, Simon; Herkommer, Alois; Giessen, Harald
2012Formation of chiral fields in a symmetric environmentSchäferling, Martin; Yin, Xinghui; Giessen, Harald
2023High‐performance MEMS shutter display with metal‐oxide thin‐film transistors and optimized MEMS elementAl Nusayer, Sheikh Abdullah; Schalberger, Patrick; Baur, Holger; Kleber, Florian; Fruehauf, Norbert
2022How much photovoltaic efficiency is enough?Werner, Jürgen Heinz
2021Image preprocessing for outdoor luminescence inspection of large photovoltaic parksKölblin, Pascal; Bartler, Alexander; Füller, Marvin
2021Interaction of edge exciton polaritons with engineered defects in the hyperbolic material Bi2Se3Lingstädt, Robin; Talebi, Nahid; Hentschel, Mario; Mashhadi, Soudabeh; Gompf, Bruno; Burghard, Marko; Giessen, Harald; van Aken, Peter A.
2021Leaching via weak spots in photovoltaic modulesNover, Jessica; Zapf-Gottwick, Renate; Feifel, Carolin; Koch, Michael; Werner, Juergen Heinz
2012Linear refractive index and absorption measurements of nonlinear optical liquids in the visible and near-infrared spectral regionKedenburg, Stefan; Vieweg, Marius; Gissibl, Timo; Giessen, Harald
2013Long-term stability of capped and buffered palladium-nickel thin films and nanostructures for plasmonic hydrogen sensing applicationsStrohfeldt, Nikolai; Tittl, Andreas; Giessen, Harald