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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Adaptive method for quantitative estimation of glucose and fructose concentrations in aqueous solutions based on infrared nanoantenna opticsSchuler, Benjamin; Kühner, Lucca; Hentschel, Mario; Giessen, Harald; Tarín, Cristina
2017Boron partitioning coefficient above unity in laser crystallized siliconLill, Patrick C.; Dahlinger, Morris; Köhler, Jürgen R.
2013Broadly tunable femtosecond near- and mid-IR source by direct pumping of an OPA with a 41.7 MHz Yb:KGW oscillatorKrauth, Joachim; Steinmann, Andy; Hegenbarth, Robin; Conforti, Matteo; Giessen, Harald
2011Coupling strength of complex plasmonic structures in the multiple dipole approximationLangguth, Lutz; Giessen, Harald
2012Formation of chiral fields in a symmetric environmentSchäferling, Martin; Yin, Xinghui; Giessen, Harald
2012Linear refractive index and absorption measurements of nonlinear optical liquids in the visible and near-infrared spectral regionKedenburg, Stefan; Vieweg, Marius; Gissibl, Timo; Giessen, Harald
2013Long-term stability of capped and buffered palladium-nickel thin films and nanostructures for plasmonic hydrogen sensing applicationsStrohfeldt, Nikolai; Tittl, Andreas; Giessen, Harald
2018Modeling of second-harmonic generation in periodic nanostructures by the Fourier modal method with matched coordinatesDefrance, Josselin; Schäferling, Martin; Weiss, Thomas
2017Nearly diffraction limited FTIR mapping using an ultrastable broadband femtosecond laser tunable from 1.33 to 8 µmMörz, Florian; Semenyshyn, Rostyslav; Steinle, Tobias; Neubrech, Frank; Zschieschang, Ute; Klauk, Hagen; Steinmann, Andy; Giessen, Harald
2014Opposed-view dark-field digital holographic microscopyFaridian, Ahmad; Pedrini, Giancarlo; Osten, Wolfgang
2013Phase errors in high line density CGH used for aspheric testing : beyond scalar approximationPeterhänsel, Sandy; Pruss, Christof; Osten, Wolfgang
2012Polarization scramblers with plasmonic meander-type metamaterialsSchau, Philipp; Fu, Liwei; Frenner, Karsten; Schäferling, Martin; Schweizer, Heinz; Giessen, Harald; Gaspar Venancio, Luis Miguel; Osten, Wolfgang
2016Pulsed laser porosification of silicon thin filmsSämann, Christian; Köhler, Jürgen R.; Dahlinger, Morris; Schubert, Markus B.; Werner, Jürgen H.
2017Short-range surface plasmonics: localized electron emission dynamics from a 60-nm spot on an atomically flat single-crystalline gold surfaceFrank, Bettina; Kahl, Philip; Podbiel, Daniel; Spektor, Grisha; Orenstein, Meir; Fu, Liwei; Weiss, Thomas; Horn-von Hoegen, Michael; Davis, Timothy J.; Meyer zu Heringdorf, Frank-J.; Giessen, Harald
2012Tailoring enhanced optical chirality : design principles for chiral plasmonic nanostructuresSchäferling, Martin; Dregely, Daniel; Hentschel, Mario; Giessen, Harald
2014Watt-level optical parametric amplifier at 42 MHz tunable from 1.35 to 4.5 μm coherently seeded with solitonsSteinle, Tobias; Steinmann, Andy; Hegenbarth, Robin; Giessen, Harald
2013Waveguide-plasmon polaritons enhance transverse magneto-optical Kerr effectKreilkamp, Lars E.; Belotelov, Vladimir I.; Chin, Jessie Yao; Neutzner, Stefanie; Dregely, Daniel; Wehlus, Thomas; Akimov, Ilya A.; Bayer, Manfred; Stritzker, Bernd; Giessen, Harald