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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The KdV and Whitham limit for a spatially periodic Boussinesq modelBauer, Roman
2016Die KdV-Gleichung und inverse StreutheorieGrabmaier, Olivia
1991Local existence for solutions of fully non-linear wave equationsLesky, Peter
2013Mathematical modeling and numerical simulations of the extrinsic pro-apoptotic signaling pathwayDaub, Markus
2010Modeling, simulation, and nonlinear analysis for film flow over inclined wavy bottomsHäcker, Tobias
2019Nonlinear phenomena on metric and discrete necklace graphsMaier, Daniela
2013On polarons and multipolarons in electromagnetic fieldsWellig, David
2011On the semiclassical limit of the Dirichlet Laplace operator : two-term spectral asymptotics and sharp spectral estimatesGeisinger, Leander
2004A rate-independent model for phase transformations in shape-memory alloysMainik, Andreas
1989Resonance phenomena for a class of partial differential equations of higher order in cylindrical waveguidesLesky, Peter
2017Self-adjointness and domain of a class of generalized Nelson modelsWünsch, Andreas
2017Spectral and Hardy inequalities for the Heisenberg LaplacianRuszkowski, Bartosch
2012Spectral theory of quantum graphsDemirel, Semra
2016Validity and attractivity of amplitude equationsSanei Kashani, Kourosh
1992The validity of modulation equations for extended systems with cubic nonlinearitiesKirrmann, Pius; Schneider, Guido; Mielke, Alexander
2019Validity of the nonlinear Schrödinger approximation for quasilinear dispersive systemsHeß, Max
2014The validity of the Nonlinear Schrödinger approximation in higher space dimensionsHermann, Alina
1992Wave equations with time-dependent spatial operators of higher orderLesky, Peter
1989Zur Charakterisierung von Lösungen polyharmonischer Gleichungen im GanzraumLesky, Peter