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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1976Phonon scattering due to deep acceptors in semiconductorsCombarieu, Andre de; Lassmann, Kurt
1979Localization and diffusion of positive muons in metalsOrth, Helmut; Döring, Klaus-Peter; Gladisch, Michael; Herlach, Dierk; Maysenhölder, Waldemar; Metz, Harald; Putlitz, Gisbert zu; Seeger, Alfred; Vetter, J.; Wahl, W.; Wigand, M.; Yagi, Eiichi
1991Microwave hall mobility and conductivity in crystals of various (BEDT-TTF) radical saltsDressel, Martin; Helberg, Hans Wilhelm; Schweitzer, Dieter
1994Field- and frequency dependent transport in the two-dimensional organic conductor α-(BEDT-TTF)2I3Dressel, Martin; Grüner, George; Pouget, Jean-Paul; Breining, Angela; Schweitzer, Dieter
1993Bond orientational order in the blue phases of chiral liquid crystalsLonga, Lech; Trebin, Hans-Rainer
1991Threshold behavior and electro-optical properties of twisted nematic layers with weak anchoring in the tilt and twist angleHirning, Ralf; Funk, Werner; Trebin, Hans-Rainer; Schmidt, M.; Schmiedel, Herbert
1981A study of the ground state of acceptors in silicon from thermal transport experimentsGoer, Anne M. de; Locatelli, Marcel; Lassmann, Kurt
2011Advanced numerical and semi-analytical scattering matrix calculations for modern nano-opticsWeiss, Thomas
1987A stable superconducting state at 8K and ambient pressure in αt-(BEDT-TTF)2I3Schweitzer, Dieter; Bele, Petra; Brunner, Hermann; Gogu, Emil; Haeberlen, Ulrich; Hennig, Ingolf; Klutz, Thomas; Swietlik, Roman; Keller, Heimo J.
1992Point contact spectroscopy measurements of αt-(BEDT-TTF)2I3 : an alternative interpretationWeger, Meir; Nowack, Andreas; Schweitzer, Dieter