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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Balancing on the roadEismann, Wolfgang; Schiehlen, Werner
1992Ein Baukastenkonzept für Modellerstellung, Simulation und Optimierung von FahrzeugenLeister, Günter; Schiehlen, Werner
1994Bifurcation analysis of dynamic systems with continuously piecewise linearityHu, Haiyan; Schiehlen, Werner
1993CAD modeling, multibody system formalisms and visualization : an integrated approachDaberkow, Andreas; Kreuzer, Edwin; Leister, Günter; Schiehlen, Werner
1992Closing conditions and reaction forces of multibody systemsSchiehlen, Werner; Blajer, Wojciech
2017Comparison of distributed model predictive control approaches for transporting a load by a formation of mobile robotsEbel, Henrik; Sharafian Ardakani, Ehsan; Eberhard, Peter
2017Comparison of local and global approaches for parametric model order reduction for systems with distributed moving loadsFröhlich, Benjamin; Eberhard, Peter
1992A concept for motion control of biped impactless walkBlajer, Wojciech; Schiehlen, Werner
1994Concept, development and implementation of DAMOS-C: the object orientied approach to multibody systemsDaberkow, Andreas; Schiehlen, Werner
2007Contact investigations of granular mechanical media in a tumbling sorting machineAlkhaldi, Hashem
2007A contribution to computational contact procedures in flexible multibody systemsEbrahimi, Saeed
2013Cooperative search by combining simulated and real robots in a swarm under the view of multibody system dynamicsTang, Qirong; Eberhard, Peter
1994DAMOS-C ein neutrales Datenformat zur standardisierten Anbindung von MKS an Simulationssysteme mit offener SystemarchitekturThomson, Bernd; Neerpasch, Uwe; Schiehlen, Werner
1993Dynamic analysis of constrained multibody systems using inverse kinematicsBlajer, Wojciech; Schiehlen, Werner; Schirm, Walter
2018Dynamic simulation and control of optical systemsStörkle, Johannes
1994Dynamical measurements in vehicles by transputer technologyEismann, Wolfgang; Schiehlen, Werner
1994Dynamics and control of nonholonomic mobile robot systemsSchiehlen, Werner
2007Dynamics and energetics of walking with prosthesesAckermann, Marko
2013Experimental investigations on impact transmission through a plateFischer, Christian; Eberhard, Peter
1993Fahrzeugdynamik : eine Einführung in die Dynamik des Systems Fahrzeug - FahrwegPopp, Karl; Schiehlen, Werner