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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Neuartige retrovirale Vektorsysteme für die Gentherapie: Entwicklung in Suspension wachsender VerpackungszellinienGutjahr, Thorsten S.
2008Neue TRAIL-Varianten für die zielgerichtete TumortherapieSchneider, Britta
2018Novel EGFR family member binding antibodies as cancer therapeuticsSchmitt, Lisa
2009Novel electrokinetic approaches to improve purification processes with monoclonal antibodiesFaude, Alexander
2010Phenocopy : a strategy to qualify chemical compounds during hit-to-lead and/or lead optimizationBaum, Patrick
2014Population and single-cell based quantitative analysis of protein kinase D-mediated regulation of the cell cycleRäth, Sebastian
2020Predicting response to immunotherapy in metastatic melanoma by a personalized mathematical modelTsur, Neta
2008Protein kinase D (PKD) mouse models – towards an understanding of the physiological role of PKDEllwanger, Kornelia
2012Protein Kinase D controls mitotic Golgi complex fragmentation through a RAF-MEK1 pathwayKienzle, Christine
2019Prozessentwicklung zur Produktion und Reinigung eines PEGylierten AntikörperfragmentesLindner, Robert
2017RAG1/2 induces genomic insertions by mobilizing DNA into RAG1/2-independent breaksRommel, Philipp Christian
2013Reaktion Tumor-assoziierter Fibroblasten aus Lungenkarzinomen auf Kinase-Inhibitoren und Chemotherapeutika in verschiedenen KulturmodellenHaubeiß, Silke
2021Regulation of basal and activity-mediated AMPAR endocytosis by Protein Kinase D (PKD)Oueslati Morales, Carlos Omar
2015Regulation of endocytic membrane trafficking by the GTPase-activating protein Deleted in Liver Cancer 3 (DLC3)Braun, Anja Catharina
2009Regulation of START domain containing proteins through membrane interactionErlmann, Patrik
2014Regulation of the BH3-only protein NOXA in mantle cell lymphoma : relevance for novel treatment conceptsDengler, Michael
2009Renal allograft rejection in chemokine receptor Ccr1-/-, Ccr5-/- and Ccr1-/-/Ccr5-/- mice and impact of Ccr5 deficiency on macrophage polarizationDehmel, Stefan
2014Role of inflammatory cytokine signaling in the regulation of detoxifying functions in human hepatocytes and liverKlein, Marcus
2006Role of protein kinase D (PKD) in migration, invasion and cell adhesion of pancreas ductal adenocarcinoma cellsEiseler, Tim
2009The role of the deleted in liver cancer protein family in breast epithelial cell transformationHoleiter, Gerlinde