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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Atomistic and continuum studies of deformation and failure in brittle solids and thin film systemsBuehler, Markus J.
2005Atomistic simulation of interface controlled solid state phase transformationsBos, Cornelis
2001Ausscheidungshärtung dünner Al-0,6Si-0,6Ge-Schichten: Studie zur Übertragbarkeit eines Massivmaterial-LegierungskonzeptesKirchner, Steffen
2004Behaviour of glasses and polymer derived amorphous ceramics under contact stressBurghard, Zaklina
2008Cementite in the Fe-N-C systemNikolussi, Marc
2004Characterization of the CO sensitivity of electrode materials by solid electrolyte galvanic cellsPlashnitsa, Vladimir
2006Characterization of the conduction properties of alkali metal ion conducting solid electrolytes using thermoelectric measurementsGautam, Devendraprakash
2003Characterization of the electronic conduction parameter of cation conducting solid electrolytesShqau, Krenar
2011Correlation between the microstructure of porous materials and the adsorption properties of H2 and D2Krkljus, Ivana
2002Covalent and heterosupramolecular interaction of ceramic particlesStieger, Gregor
2007Deformation and fracture mechanical properties of precursor-derived Si-C-N ceramicsJanakiraman, Narayanan
2007Deposition of metal oxide thin films from solutions containing organic additivesLipowsky, Peter
2013Diffraction analysis of materials in a state of stress: elastic loading and phase transformationsKoker, Margaret Kolbe Annellen
2002Diffraction analysis of residual stress; modelling elastic grain interactionWelzel, Udo Siegfried
2005Diffraction stress analysis of thin films - investigating elastic grain interactionKumar, Atul
2005Diffusion in stressed thin filmsChakraborty, Jay
2004Dünnschichtplastizität und Wechselwirkung von Gitterversetzungen mit der Film/Substrat GrenzflächeEdongué, Hervais
2007The effect of capillary forces on adhesion of biological and artificial attachment devicesSouza , Emerson Jose de
2006Effect of H2S on the thermodynamic stability and electrochemical performance of Ni cermet-type of anodes for solid oxide fuel cellsManga, Venkateswara Rao
2007The effect of substrate orientation on the kinetics and thermodynamics of initial oxide-film growth on metalsReichel, Friederike